What Can I Feed to Stray Cats?


Stray cats may be found anywhere around your home, and it’s natural to want to help these poor animals. Alternatively, you may come across stray cats almost wherever you walk. You may help by leaving a can of food in your backyard for stray cats who appear to be passing by. However, when a stray cat appears at your door, you’re likely to struggle to find the suitable food option. 

Of course, getting to the shop to get cat food isn’t always possible, especially if you’re in a hurry. Also, chances are that you may not easily figure out what to feed the strays. Hence, you might be stuck with the question ⁠— What Can I feed Stray Cats?  

In this article, we will take a detailed look at what you can feed wild cats, and whether or not it is a suitable feed. Let’s get straight in to answer all your questions!  


How Much Should I Feed a Stray Cat?

Feeding a stray cat can be tricky when it comes to determining the number of calories on their plate. Their food requirements also depend on their size, weather, activity and food source you’re giving to them.
First, decide whether you’ll feed them wet or dry food. Wet food is more nutritious and meets their water demands but should be provided in the amount of 5.5 ounces to an adult cat. Dry food, on the other hand, must be fed in a single dose of roughly 2 ounces. However, some cats may consume more food than the others, so you will need to measure it yourself through experimentation.
However, if you’re feeding them from your kitchen, determining the nutrients is difficult. So, here’s how you can observe how much food a single stray cat consumes per feed:

  • If the cat consumes all of it on the plate within 15 minutes, you need to give more food.
  • If more than half of the plate remains after 15 minutes, give less food the next time.

Make sure, though, some stray cats fear humans so they might not eat their food right away the first time. Be patient, put the food within the premises and observe at a distance to notice the cat’s feeding behavior clearly.

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What Can I Feed to Stray Cats?

If you want the best for stray cats and are willing to feed them daily, you might be wondering if the food you’re giving them is healthy. Here’s a rundown of the best options to feed a stray cat:
In case you have nothing else in your cupboard, Tuna will be the best high calorie food for the wild cat you want to feed. Not only is it good in flavor, but it also has a strong smell that will attract them instantly.
Since canned Tuna can be high in salt content, it’s best to use natural Tuna to feed them. Nevertheless, regularly giving them this feed might be dangerous in the long run. So, make sure to have other things in stock if you’re feeding a stray regularly.
Dry Cat Food
Dry Cat food is a popular feed many people consider giving to stray cats. While many cats will not be attracted to it in the first place, it has the necessary nutrients for their health. However, make sure to not give dry cat food daily to these wild feral. Having said that, free choice feeding is not an option for every cat because not every cat can maintain a healthy weight.

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Being the primary source of Vitamin B, many cat food producing companies use oatmeal as their essential ingredient. Whole grains like oatmeal, barley etc., are easy for cats to digest, and will fulfill all their nutritional needs. If you’re feeding them oatmeal, though, do it occasionally only. Mix it well with water, and then serve your kitty.
Chicken/Beef or Turkey
While it may appear that cats are fond of raw meat, the best option is to give them plain, cooked meat. Giving them cooked meat will ensure they are safe from unwanted bacteria that might disrupt their delicate digestive systems. Also, when giving stray cats meat, stick to chicken, beef, lamb or turkey.
In addition to meat, eggs can be both a convenient and healthy option for feeding stray cats. Scrambled eggs, particularly, is an excellent source of nutrition to starving cats. Eggs are rich in protein, but they should be boiled to kill the bacteria to prevent avidin from having a bad reaction on cats.

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What Should I NOT Feed to Stray Cats?

How Much Should I Feed a Stray Cat?

While you may want to feed these starving cats with whatever comes handy, it is vital to determine the pros and cons of everything you’re giving them to eat. Many meals, for example, may taste wonderful but will have a negative influence on these stray cats. Here are some foods to NOT feed to them:
No Milk
While many believe that cats love milk, reality may be different. Unlike humans, they don’t have the enzymes necessary to break down the nutrients in cow’s milk. So, if you’re considering feeding a stray cat, look for other food options or give one of those mentioned above.
No Dog Food
Feeding stray cat dog food is not a great idea. These animal foods are especially manufactured to suit the digestive needs of specific animals. Hence, dog food will only harm the poor little cat begging for food.
No Chocolates
Some people may believe that feeding chocolate to a cat is acceptable. However, it’s not a good idea. When the components of chocolate are absorbed into their systems, they can cause hazardous side effects such as vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.
No Fruits & Vegetables
Chances are that when a stray cat is starving, it may eat anything you offer. Make sure to not feed them fruits and vegetables regularly, since they are carnivores in nature.

Final Verdict:
According to a Study on Animal Welfare, most people feed one cat daily or every few days within their property and have done so for several months or more. So, a proper knowledge of what to feel these stray cats is essential for every cat owner. Hopefully, this article will wash away your doubts.

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