How to Make Guinea Pigs Happy

How to Make Guinea Pigs Happy

Guinea pigs are cute, sensitive little creatures and the good news is, it does not take much effort to please them. If you’re a piggie owner, chances are that you are always searching for ways to make them feel comfortable and loved. However, unlike other rodents, it is not always simple to assess what exactly pleases them and if they are happy with you.
So, if you’re wondering what you can do to brighten up the lives of your guinea pigs, you’re on the right track. Whether you own a cavy for years or have just adopted one, these tips will come in handy. This article provides a deep insight into how to make guinea pigs happy. Let’s get started!

Add Companions to their Habitat

As much as they enjoy your attention, your Guinea Pigs need a cavy friend they can play with. They are social creatures and love a companion or two. So, if your fur baby is alone, consider getting a partner. Having other piggies around will not only boost their happiness but will make them feel secure and bring out the underlying traits they do not display otherwise.
As a guinea parent, you can observe their behavior and add friends to their cage. Consider getting a baby guinea pig if your pet has been alone for a while. The babies will acquire their traits and it will help them get along. Or, get one of the same genders if you are not looking for reproduction yet.

Provide them with their Favorite Treats

Provide them with their Favorite Treats
As suggested by research, many Guinea Pigs love fruits and vegetables as snacks. So, observe closely what your furry kid loves. Do they love carrots, radishes, watermelon, or blueberries? Look for their favorite all-time treats and win their hearts. If you are considering dairy products to treat them, they will not possibly love them much. However, make sure to not give them fruits and vegetables every day. Your Guinea Pigs have sensitive digestive tracts, so make sure to feed them what is not hard on them. Preferably give them fresh lettuce and green vegetables as these foods provide them with essential vitamins. To learn more about Best chinchilla hammock Click Here

Give them Your Time and Attention

Guinea Pigs love interacting with you. Make sure to pick them up and pamper them every few hours to keep them the happiest. Doing so will help you create a bond with them, and gives you a chance to closely observe their behavior. When you walk past their cage and stop by to give them attention, this also increases their affection towards you.
In addition, if strangers are anywhere near them, your fluffy babies might as well get scared. Therefore, make sure you don’t leave them alone in such cases. Once they are comfy around you, you can surely spend quality time with your cavy and enjoy it.

Make sure their cage is spacious

Since your cavies are caged most of the time, their space is critical to their happiness. Even if you are cleaning it for litter every few hours, your piggies will be unhappy and uncomfortable if their cage is not large enough. So, to keep your guinea pigs happy, it is essential to devote attention to the space available to them.
If you have a single guinea, make sure their cage is at least 7.5 square feet in size, and if you have two, make sure it’s at least 10 square feet. They enjoy running around and playing inside their cage. The vast area will make it easier for them to get the essential exercise, which will keep them happy and satisfied.

They love toys and tunnels!

Guinea Pigs toys and tunnels
Adding toys to their cage does wonders, particularly tunnels and tubes. As mentioned earlier, running and playing around makes these fluff balls genuinely happy. So does running along tunnels and sleeping in them. Guinea Pigs, as suggested by a study, are naturally curious so they get bored if they don’t get enough things to explore. Hence, it is best to give them plenty of toys. Change these toys and accessories timely so they get to explore more and satisfy their curiosity. When getting a tunnel, get one that perfectly fits their bodies so they can run around whenever they please.

Get them Hay (Lots of it!)

These rodents need unlimited access to fresh hay to be happy. Just nibbling on hay ensures their health a great deal. So, if you wish to keep your little babies contented, refill their hay feeder at least twice regularly. Their dependence on hay is beyond human explanation, and they need tons of it.
With just clean water and lots of hay, your guinea piggies will love you. They will nibble on it and have fun.

Clean their Space

Like us humans, guinea pigs love to have a clean space. Also, seeing you clean their litter and serve them will make them grow close to you. As their owner, make sure to check for litter every few hours and any mess they may have created. Remove their litter and leftover food, and see them get excited about their clean space.
Not only will neatness excite them, but it will also positively impact the health of your guinea.

Tips to Entertain your Sad Guinea Pig

If your Guinea Pig needs cheering up, here are some tips for you!

  • Cuddle them.
  • Hold them close to you.
  • Hand-feed them their favorite treats.
  • Talk to them.
  • Go to a veterinarian for a regular animal check.

If you’re a guinea pig owner constantly searching for ways to make your fur baby happy, this guide will help you do so. Make sure to see if you are doing all of the above-mentioned strategies. Maximize your interaction with them and understand their nature for a better bonding experience. Hopefully, you got the answer to how to make guinea pigs happy and this washed away your doubts.

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