How to Clean Guinea Pig Cage

How to Clean a Guinea Pig’s Cage

Guinea Pigs are sensitive creatures and providing them with a clean-living space is crucial to their health. Since they are little, they are more prone to respiratory illnesses that may pose serious threats to their health. For a healthy guinea pig, you need to give them a healthy, balanced diet along with adequate sanitary conditions.
However, some pet owners struggle with understanding their cleaning routines, and how exactly to clean their habitats. Guinea pigs who live in poor conditions and dirty cages ultimately fall sick and may die. So, if you own one, you must understand how to clean a Guinea Pig’s Cage.
Fortunately, the task is not tiresome, if not undemanding. With the right instructions, you can easily clean their cages in no time. In this article, we will guide you on how frequently you should do the cleaning, how to do it right and how you can break it into daily and weekly cleaning.

How often is the Cage Cleaning Required?

How often you clean their cages predominantly depends upon your preference and your guinea pig’s age. For instance, if you are a cleanliness freak, you will do it on daily basis. Similarly, smaller guinea pigs need better sanitation to grow healthy. In between thorough cleaning sessions, you might also do spot cleaning.
Although different veterinarians have different recommendations about cleaning your fur baby’s cage, it is preferable to do so on both a regular and weekly basis. A thorough cleaning once a week is ideal to keep your guinea pig happy and healthy, while you must clean their soiled cage for litter every two days. Further, into the article, we will provide you with thorough details of daily vs weekly guinea pig cage cleaning.

How to Clean a Guinea Pig’s Cage?

Cleaning a Guinea Pig’s cage requires no definitive time or instructions. It is a pretty simple process, which when done correctly, will contribute to your furry kid’s health and happiness. To simplify the cleaning for you further, we will divide it into spot cleaning and thorough cleaning.

Spot Cleaning
The easiest way to clean guinea pigs’ cages is to spot clean them regularly or every two to three days. This type of cleaning involves only removing the surface litter off the cage. While doing so, you will not have to replace their bedding, remove cage components and wash everything. Also, this does not take much energy either.
To begin with, open your guinea pig’s cage and remove their food and water receptacles. It is a good idea to wash them using strong detergents so no bacteria remain. Next, look for debris, hair, or feces and replace their potty pads. This shall make the environment comfortable for your furry friend.

Thorough Cleaning
According to research, cleanliness is essential for your guinea pigs to protect them from risks of infection. For this purpose, thorough cleaning at least once a week is important. However, you should follow each step properly if you wish to create a highly sanitized and clean habitat for your guinea pig. Keeping in mind your needs, we have outlined the cleaning procedure for you.

Remove your Guinea Pig from the Cage
First, lift the cage doors and set free your guinea pigs. You may leave them to roam around if you have a secure space or keep them somewhere where they are safe. You might as well use their travel cage or a bucket to relocate them. Since you are about to expend energy cleaning, make sure it is somewhere you don’t have to worry about them.

Remove the Cage Accessories
Self-cleaning guinea pig’s cage is fun. Next, remove the hay racks, water bottles, toys, food containers, and other accessories from the cage. Wipe all these things with a water-in-vinegar solution. Or, you may use lukewarm water and a detergent but a vinegar solution is preferable.

Dump out the Bedding into the Trash Can
The third thing to easy-clean Guinea pig cage is to move all the bedding to a trash can. Also, dump all the plastic reusable containers and litter boxes of your piggies. You might as well add the used bedding to a compost pile. Either way, get rid of the disposable containers.

Take the Cage Outside
Now is the time to clean their habitat. Wash the surface of the cage with soap and water. Alternatively, spray a bit of rubbing alcohol and wipe it off. Use a pad or scrub brush to get rid of the stubborn dirt that does not come off. Next, rinse the cage carefully and dry it using a towel. Make sure to be thorough in the process since it is the most critical stage of cleaning.

Add New Bedding
Cover the tray underneath with a newspaper, then add fresh bedding to your pet’s cage.

Refill the Containers
Add fresh water to their water bottles and refill their food bowls with the pellets they enjoy. Add fresh Timothy or Orchard Ray to the Hay rack. Add back the toys and accessories you removed earlier. Make sure you have properly cleaned them too.

Watch them Enjoy
That’s all about it! Once the cleaning is done, put back your fur babies to their neat habitat and see them take pleasure in their clean surroundings.

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Cage Cleaning details: Daily vs Weekly

Follow these steps for Daily vs Weekly cleaning of the cage.
Spot cleaning is healthy daily.

  • Refill their food and water containers.
  • Surface-clean the cage for debris.
  • Remove loose hay stacks and leftover food.

Do a thorough cleaning every once a week. To carry out this, refer to the steps of thorough cleaning mentioned earlier in the article including

  • Remove your piggies from the cage.
  • Remove the cage accessories.
  • Dump out the bedding.
  • Take the cage outside.
  • Add new bedding.
  • Refill the containers.
  • Watch them enjoy.

Hopefully, this article cleared away your doubts about how to clean a guinea pig’s cage. The task is fun if done correctly and your piggies will love it.

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