Best Sugar Glider Toys 2021

Quite new in the world of pet-trade, Sugar Gliders have become quite a rage. It might be due to their adorably big eyes, cute little bodies and amicably social attitude.
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Hamsters Eat Blackberries

Can Hamsters Eat Blackberries?

Quaint yet teeny-weeny, Hamsters are the perfect low-maintenance pets for people that like having company but not too much responsibility. But every pet requires some kind of care and concern.
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Ultimate Guide About Different Types of Dwarf Hamsters 2019

Dwarf hamsters are gaining popularity in the pet trade. The hamsters differ from other species in that they are social and can be kept in pairs or small groups (stay
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How to Stop a Hamster from Biting

Hamsters are the perfect low-maintenance pets for people who don’t like too much responsibility but enjoy the company of a small animal. They’re cute, quaint, and like to keep to
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What Can Hamster EAT?

Not everything that tastes good or is healthy for the rodent is healthy too. Some of our treats may even be toxic to the little one or cause illness. Pelleted
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5 Best Hamster Cages To Buy in 2019

You might’ve made up your mind about adopting a cute little hamster and bring it home to keep you company. A pretty wise decision as hamsters are pretty much the
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Can Hamsters Eat Carrots Everyday?

The first step that concern that bothers a pet owner is what foods are safe for their new home buddy. If you have adopted a hamster, you might be looking
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Best Hamster Tunnels & Tubes

Hamsters makes an adorable domestic pet that does not require intensive care or meticulous grooming. These little buddies are as low maintenance as they come and keep to themselves most
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Best Hamster Travel Cages

5 Best Hamster Travel Cages You Can Find

Pets are not just means of decorating homes or bringing a homely interior to the place we reside in. They become our family members, significant parts of our lives. This
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Best Water Bottle for Dwarf & Syrian Hamster

Water is life. That is what we’ve grown up learning and memorizing from the days when we couldn’t even quite understand the concepts of dehydration and the hazards it causes
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Can Hamsters Eat Celery?

Hamsters are a popular pet option especially among people that lead particularly busy lives and do not have the time to commit to a pet that requires more effort. That doesn’t necessarily
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